Liston Up people! How can one describe the legend that is Rick Liston?  

Best Wedding App founder, Charis White, has worked with Rick so many times, it is hard to count. She describes him as one hell of a talented photographer. He is a true craftsman, a total pro and he can take charge on your wedding day in a way that will make you feel at ease and 100% comfortable with all that attention. Did we mention he is ridiculously meticulous and will deliver you a sneak-peak gallery within 24 hours? Unheard of!

We sat down with Rick to learn more about the man behind the lens and how he came to be a legendary wedding photographer. Honestly, his photos speak for themselves…take a look.

Who exactly is Rick Liston, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a daughter-raising, gin-swirling, free-diving, adventure-loving, impromptu-dancing, fire-fighting, vegan renegade of wedding traditions. 

How did you get into photography?

I was on a shoot in Morocco as a cheap model and the photographer took the most insane photos I’d ever seen. I couldn’t believe how awesome his job was and how fun it was being out on a shoot. His name is Martin Hartley and he took me under his wing after that and referred me my first work, shooting travel products on location for a UK brand. Once I had that power to create in my hands and that new avenue for human connection, I never looked back. 

What type of photography do you shoot?

Exclusively weddings!

Do you have many available dates in a calendar year?

Not in 2021, but 2022 yes I have a few dates available.  

Will you be the one doing all the shooting? 

Yes, you have access to me exclusively.  

Will you have any assistants with you on the couple's wedding day?

It depends if they’d like one, but I shoot the majority of my weddings solo.

How long have you been shooting weddings? 

Five kickass years.

How many weddings have you photographed?

Just over 250 glorious weddings.  

Do you often shoot weddings that have a similar size and style?

I specialise in Yarra Valley weddings, so that certainly comes with a country, vineyard, rustic, laid back vibe. 

Can couples see the full galleries of a few of your recent weddings?

I’m more than happy to share galleries from the venue they’re getting married at.

If you have never shot a wedding at a particular venue, do you go and check it out?

Yes, I do. I want to be sure to be able to walk into it knowing where I’m going to take the family photos, the couple’s portraits, what happens if it rains etc. 

Do you have a Videographer that you normally work with?

Depending on the vibe you’re after, I can absolutely recommend a videography legend.

Do you have a few venues that you frequent?

Yes, being Yarra Valley based I often frequent: Stones, Zonzo, Riverstone, Jackalope Hotel, Flowerdale Estate and Immerse. 

How would you describe your photography style? 

Natural, raw & unguarded, with a mix of editorial and some killer hero shots.

How would you describe your working style? Do you prefer to blend into the background to capture candid moments, or do you like to be more visible and take charge to choreograph images?

I’m definitely not a wall flower. I like to go straight in and get everyone comfortable with me being there, so I’m talking and joking a lot, asking a lot of questions, giving prompts and fun games to get couples more focused on the answers than the fact that I’m taking photos.

Do you shoot digitally? With film? Or both?

I shoot digitally, but I bring a medium format film camera for a few shots throughout the day.

Can you explain your fee structure?

I have three main packages and a few optional extras for couples to choose from.

Can couples customize a package to fit their needs?

Yes, 100%. Couples can choose what they like.  

Do you include engagement photos in your packages? 

No, but that’s an available add-on for sure.  

How many hours are included in each package? How much do extra hours cost?

My packages start with a minimum of six hours, unless you’re doing an elopement. 

Do you offer retouching, color adjustment, or other corrective services? Are those included or an additional charge?

Every photo my couples receive will be professionally corrected for light, temperature and tones etc, but I don’t photoshop physical features.

Do you charge a travel fee? 

For Domestic weddings outside of Victoria and International weddings, yes I do.

Can couples order prints or albums directly from you?

Their gallery will be linked to a print store and they can order directly from Australia’s oldest and best print lab. 

What type of album do you offer? 

I offer both a Master Fine Art album and a Matte Art Album. 

Do you provide assistance selecting images and designing the album?

Couples can choose their own images or leave it up to me, then I’ll design the album for their review.

How long after the wedding will couples receive the images? 

Couples will have their full gallery within 3-4weeks after the wedding.

How will they be delivered?

They will receive an online gallery, where their images can be downloaded in both high and low resolutions, and a USB sent out to them in a beautiful, customised box. 

Who will have the rights to the images?

I retain the copyright of the images, but there are no restrictions on sharing or pricing the images for personal use.

Will couples receive the negatives and/or high resolution digital images? 

Yes, they will receive the photos in print-ready high resolution files without a watermark.

Will the images be accessible online? For how long?

Their online gallery will be hosted for two years, whereby they will have an opportunity to continue the hosting should they choose.

When will we receive the contract?

Your contract and deposit will be automatically generated upon selecting your package.

How will you and your assistants be dressed?

I often wear black pants and an untucked shirt.

Can couples request a list of specific shots they would like?

For family photos, most definitely. 

Where is the coolest place you have ever shot a wedding?

In Ibiza on the side of cliff, overlooking the magnificent island Es Vedra, which my wife and I named our daughter after. 

What was your most memorable wedding?

A wedding on the French Riviera, it was a three day event and cost over two million dollars. Unfortunately, money cannot buy everything and they were divorced within two years 😬!

How do you make couples feel comfortable?

I really think it just comes down to having a calming personality and having been through so many weddings and being so familiar with the venues, I know there’s nothing that’s the end of the world, everything has a silver lining, and so I’m able to keep a positive focus on how to get the best out of any situation. I also talk a lot to my couples so they’re never in a position where they’re just standing there feeling awkward. The sessions feel more like we’re just hanging out than a big production which helps put them at ease.

What is your favourite past time—where is Rick on a day off?

I’ll be taking my girls down to the Peninsula, hitting the beach at Mount Martha, camping with my daughter, or planning our next trip back to Ibiza.

Rick Liston can be found on The Best Wedding App under Photography