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It's wedding planning, that works like a dating app

Introducing Australia and New Zealand's wedding planning app that works like a dating app. An easy-to-use app that connects couples to their ideal vendors. Set up your free profile today and start swiping!

Why engaged couples will love us!

Simple Wedding Planning

You want uncomplicated wedding planning from one place? Easy! Keep it all in the app. No fuss, no fees, a total breeze.

Sustainable Options

You love the idea of curating a big wedding on a tiny footprint? Got it! Filter your search to find supplier's with a green sustainability badge.

Donating to meaningful causes

It's important to you to give back to your planet and the people who inhabit it? We agree! Every time you list a pre-loved item on the app we donate 25% of pre-loved profits to a cause that you choose.

Fighting the War on Waste

You're a believer in reducing, re-using and recycling? Same here! Find pre-loved wedding goods on The BWA marketplace (and keep a lid on your budget while you're at it)

Not Blowing the Budget

You want the best suppliers without risking a budget blow-out? It's possible! Use our supplier-scenario calculator and our budget planner to stay on top of your finances.

Recouping some cash

You've already had the best wedding and you're dreaming of that second honeymoon? Why not! Re-home your wedding wares on our pre-loved marketplace and recoup some cash for your next holiday.
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