Who da Bloss? In two years, Blossie's creative director Hannah has built a brand that is hot in demand and, we chatted to her about how she built her thriving bespoke stationery business in under 2 years.

We are in love with everything Blossie; from that sweet little logo, to her playful imagery and unique ability to capture everything her clients could ever dream of. Her attention to detail and her creativity shines like a beacon. Who knew stationery and signage could be so exciting?.... Well, we did, and so we were lucky enough to get the total goss from the big Bloss herself.

What do you love about weddings, how did you start out and how long have you been in the business for?

I love that each wedding is different and each couple has their own unique traditions and ideas as to what it is and means for them. I started in August 2019 when I was planning for my own wedding in early 2020, so I’ve only been in business for 2 years!

Does your brand have a specific style

When I think of what I create I think of colour, shapes, playfulness, but also refined. I’m not sure if you’d call that a specific style. I would say that it’s more against the grain opposed (no cookie cutter!) to a traditional style.

How many people do you have on your team and who should we expect on the day? If no one, do you have a backup plan?

Just me! My husband is by my side often helping out with postage, packing, or creating items like my terracotta name places. I don’t have anything to do on the day as all my products are sent beforehand.

Tell us a bit about your process when booking a wedding from start to finish? What’s included and what’s not?

Every single quote I create is different because all the couples I work with want something uniquely them. Once the couple has decided to proceed with their quote I take a 50% deposit to confirm their booking (and they sign a contract). Design usually starts at a later date, which is specified to the couple. The remainder is then due once the couple has signed off the digital mockups for the stationery and/or signage. I make everything super straightforward so that the process is simple and stress-free.

What information do you require from a couple to best understand their vision and accurately quote on jobs?

When couples get in contact with me they fill out a thorough contact form which has all the information I require. This includes their wedding date, when they require the items by, their guest list number, what items they want, their budget amongst other options. It also enables couples to add their inspiration images or any files I need to get a good vision of what they’re after. Usually I’ll be able to quote from this info, otherwise I’ll follow up asking a few more questions such as the material they’d like used, print finish or the size.

Is there anywhere that couples can see your work?

Absolutely! My instagram is updated the most frequently - www.instagram.com.au/blossie.com.au but I also have a website www.blossie.com.au

Tell us a bit about your fee structure?

I only have one semi-custom design: www.blossie.com.au/design-guide otherwise everything I create is custom and price is on application. I basically price on quantities, but also add a design fee, or a fee if custom illustrations are required. I’ll also offer add ons like envelope addressing or wax seals to give the couple the option to add these on. I definitely try to work to couples budgets based on what they put down, but it isn’t always possible with the idea they’ve put down. For example, letterpress is significantly higher than digital printing and there’s not a way for me to accommodate for the same print finish at a lower price point.  

Do you work on locations and do your prices include travel fees?

I work remotely here in Tasmania and can chat to couples via email, phone or zoom.

What does your calendar look like this year and how far in advance are you booked?

I get booked a few months in advance, but I have more flexibility being a stationer / signage designer which means here and there I may be able to fit another job in, opposed to a venue that’s booked when it has to be booked for the wedding!  

Please list up to 5 vendors you love working with.

Artaud and Co
Ash and Brad Bespoke
Chestnut and Fleece
Flocked Events
Ivy and Bleu Events

How many weddings have you done over the years?

In the hundreds over the past two years. My first year of business was definitely slower as I set myself up (and the pandemic hit!)

FAQs What can couples expect from you?

I have quite a few FAQs so would suggest couples go here to view them: https://www.blossie.com.au/faq

Got any hot tips for couples when booking a business like yours?

Book you day of stationery / signage at the same time as your invitations as this means your design will be cohesive from start to end by having 1 designer.

Tell us a bit about the face behind the brand. What do you get up to on a day off and where would we find you?

On my day off you’d find me going for a walk with my husband to the market, grabbing brekkie and then heading to our local cafe for a chai tea. Afterwards we’d go and hang with my parents, or play board games or go for a drive and checkout properties / land (we’ve just started house hunting, haha). Or you’ll find me on my laptop, with my cats next to me, doing work or coming up with some new concepts. (I do this in the weekend as I never have time to work on these sort of things otherwise!)

Where do you find your personal flare and inspiration for the business?

Architecture and retro revival has been 2 things recently! But also, inspiration comes from venues, colour palettes and the couples themselves!

Finally, Tell us why you’re awesome? What sets your business apart from the rest.

I’d have to say I’m pretty good at communication which is apparently hard to come across (according to my couples!) I’m always ready to answer questions and messages, or get back designs promptly which is really important to me. Often I get responses like “Wow, thank you for responding so quickly.” I always write everything out for my couples so they know when I require things from them, or when they should expect things from me.

Blossie can be found on The Best Wedding App under Stationery