Who is Ardent Celebrations and how many are on your team? What do you do if you cannot officiate a wedding?

Ardent Celebrations has one celebrant, which is me!

If I can’t make a wedding, firstly, I’d be devastated as I’ve spent so much time getting to know my couple, but importantly I organise another celebrant to officiate for the day. I give them all of my resources so that the ceremony goes as planned but with a different celebrant. The couple doesn’t have to pay any extra as the new celebrant is my subcontractor. I’m part of an amazing association of celebrants called The Celebrant Society so you can be assured that my replacement will be just as rad as me!

What do you love about weddings, how did you start out and how long have you been in the business for?

Becoming a celebrant was a 2020 COVID-project turned career change. I was registered in June 2021, just in time for Melbourne’s lockdown number 6. However, I hit the ground running in November that year and rode the post-COVID wedding wave right into where I am now. I love my job.

Please list up to 5 vendors you love working with?

Niki – fotogenica Alessandro

Momento Films

Phoebe Powell Photography

Stones of the Yarra Valley

Vue on Halcyon

How many weddings have you done over the years?‍

I hit the groud running and have married 75 gorgeous couples and shining bright like a diamond!

What is your style like?

“Style” is such a multipurpose word when it comes to celebrancy. For example, it could be referring to a ceremony style, a writing style, a style of clothing on the day, a communication style throughout our time together. The list goes on! If you could call “organised” a style, then that would be me! For example, what I wear on the day is the result of me being organised enough to ask a couple about their wedding palette, or if there are particular colours they’d want me to avoid. In my ceremonies, my style weaves sentiment and humour together but the extent of either is determined by the stories couples share with me. My couple is ALWAYS the centrepiece of the day, which is why every ceremony is different.

What can couples expect from you and how does your process work?

So, you’ve said “I do” to me as your celebrant! Yay!

My process ensures that our time together is as stress-free for you as possible. I only ever give you one thing to do at a time, with gentle nudging where applicable if we’re getting close to deadlines. What’s included and what’s not is dependent on your celebrant-package choice. However, what is always included is everything you need in order to be legally married in Australia along with unlimited correspondence via email, phone calls and video calls.

What do you need to quote on a wedding?

In order to quote accurately, I need a wedding date, location, and start-time. I also like to know if you want your couple’s story written and shared by me and if you’d like any added services such as dance lessons or an MC for your reception.

What are some FAQ that couples hit you with?

Is use of your PA system included in the cost?

Yes, for all non-Legals Only ceremonies. Just like a well-lit stage or a continuity-edited movie, it is such a good system that you and your guests won’t even notice it. You can be certain that no-one will say “It was a nice wedding, but I couldn’t really hear anything though.”

What does a “Legals Only” service mean?

My “Legals Only” service is a wedding without me performing additional ceremony elements. It satisfies all of the legal requirements to ensure that you are married.

What you need to do in order to be legally married?

You need to fill in the NOIM, 30 days notice before you want to get married. Identification is also needed, (passports are best). You will need, 2 witnesses as well and you have legal working plus a whole bunch of paperwork to do before and during the ceremony.

Do we need to give 30 days notice for other services? For example, vow renewals, commitment ceremonies and naming ceremonies?

No. Unlike a marriage ceremony, these ceremonies have no legal elements to them. Whether or not they can be performed within 30 days is only subject to my availability.

We want the majority of our wedding ceremony performed by a family member/friend. Is that possible?

Yes! You will still need a Marriage Celebrant (like me!) to officiate the legal requirements of the ceremony and lodge the paperwork.

Why did you choose the name Ardent?

“Ardent” is defined as “very enthusiastic or passionate” and is “characterised by warmth of feeling.” This perfectly describes me, and what I bring to my ceremonies. Also, I’m a huge fan of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and first came across the word in Mr. Darcy’s proposal to Elizabeth Bennett: “You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

Can you marry yourself?

No. You are legally required to have 5 people present: two parties to the marriage, a marriage celebrant and two witnesses. So, as one of the parties to the marriage, I would need another celebrant to officiate.

Why is that a frequently asked question?

I don’t know. It just is.

How do I pronounce your name?

Jeanne: rhymes with “fun” and starts with the “s” sound in the word measure. Or, the “gian” part of “chicken parmigiana.” Clare: like “care” with an L (the easiest part). Storace: “Store-Archie.”

Are you French?

No. I’m named after two people and the combination sounds French, but je ne suis pas française.

Will you play the kazoo at our wedding?

Only if you want me to.

What’s was the coolest, craziest or your most memorable wedding to work on? ‍

I once officiated a Viking wedding. Any objectors to the marriage would have been beheaded for the amusement of the lords and ladies. Luckily no such objector stepped forward!

Where do you find your personal flare and inspiration for the business?‍

My love of puns inspires my celebrancy. I don’t even have to include puns in a ceremony for this to be true. Puns are all about connecting elements together and that’s how I write ceremonies and also live life. I am also inspired by other celebrants. I love how we can lift each other up and celebrate each other’s wins.

Tell us why we should choose you?

If multiple services from one vendor and mixed metaphors are right up your cup of tea, then you’ll love that I also offer first dance lessons to couples. Celebrant + dance teacher is not a common combination, but I LOVE it. It naturally gives us face-to-face time and an opportunity to get to know each other better. We are a match made in heaven.

What do you love the most about your job?

I love meeting cool new people and celebrating how awesome they are in front of their family and their friends on one of the best and most memorable days of their lives!

How do you quote?

In order to quote accurately, I need a wedding date, location, and start-time. I also like to know if you want your couple’s story written and shared by me and if you’d like any added services such as dance lessons or an MC for your reception.

Tell us a bit about your fee structure?

I take a 20% deposit, a 40% planning fee is due four months out and a 40% performance fee due one month out.

Always remember that even though your celebrant may be officiating a 20-minute ceremony, they are doing WAY more than 20-minutes’ worth of work!

Do you work on locations and do your prices include travel fees?

My prices include travel for any location that is up to 60km (one way) from my home office. I charge for travel for distances greater than that.

What does your calendar look like this year and how far in advance are you booked?

If I had a dollar for every time I got an enquiry for March 23rd 2024! Key weekend dates are filling up, but I do have a lot of availability for the second half of the year. My lead-time is at least month, especially for couples who are looking to do a cheeky weekday wedding.

How can we find you?

Ardent Celebrations can be found on The Best Wedding App as well as via the links below.