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So now what?

First things first, congrats! Welcome to a beautiful new chapter in your life. Sit back, relax, and relish in the elation that comes with being freshly engaged. We’re here to tell you what to expect right after you’ve taken the leap into this new found status of yours.

How best to announce the big news? Are you the type to keep it a secret from your loved ones for a few days and just hide away together in a little sea scanty village? Whatever strikes your fancy, take the time to enjoy the feeling.

Tell the world, or don’t…

It is your news to tell, so do so in a way that you feel comfortable. You may be the couple who hops straight on the phone to tell your family and friends. Or you may be a superstar on the socials, in which case, hop straight onto Facebook, update your status and post a selfie for the world. If shouting from the roof tops doesn’t float your boat then perhaps keep it on the low-down and drip feed it to those you love. There is no hard and fast rule here. You’ll know what feels right for you.

Photo by  Axel & Maria Weiser

If the ring fits, wear it.

If your engagement ring is a surprise then there is a chance you may ‘like it but, you shouldn’t put a ring on it’. If it does not fit your finger properly then save those Beyonce dance moves until after that bad-boy has been resized by a jeweller. It will only take a few days and soon it will fit as snuggly as an off-the-shoulder black leotard, we promise.

Insure Insure Insure!

Pop your new piece on your home and contents policy or take out a new insurance policy to cover it. This is coming from the Gal who lost her diamond out of the centre of her engagement ring. Believe me, it can happen. So get your new bling insured.

Photo by  Michelle Kim

Give your ring a place to live!

If you are not the type of person who wears your rings to bed, then you need to find it a beautiful home for those times that you pop it off. Ring boxes come in all shapes and sizes: velvet, wood, a tiny bowl. You name it, there are so many options. Pick one that you absolutely love because, Queen… your crown jewels deserve a throne.

A handsome hand is handy!

Not someone who indulges in a manicure? Well, now is the time to start. Pop on down to your local aesthetician and get your fingies looking their best. You’ll appreciate that shining beacon on your left hand all the more with a fresh set of nails. Oh, and believe me, everyone will want to gawk at your hand. It’s weird. But… if your hands look nice, you tend not to mind so much and you may even learn to embrace it.

Photo by Elena Nikitina

For the shutterbugs:

Capture the moment with an engagement photoshoot. It’s a special time in your life so snap it up. You know, pop on some matching sweaters, douse yourself in autumn tones and smile for the camera in a wheat field… or just be normal and get some cracking photos taken. :)

Your people:

Start thinking about who you’d like to have involved your day and whether you want to formalise things with a Bridal Party. These days your Bride-tribe can be pretty fluid. Mostly, it’s plays out with bridesmaids and groomsmen; those that have always been there for you and who you’d want to have standing beside you on your big day. But, that’s not always how a bridal party looks. Some couples are already parents and want their kids beside them filling those big shoes. While others have too many friends to make such a big call and opt to go it alone at the altar. You can include your loved ones in so many ways other than just being a bridesmaid or groomsmen. They can sign the register, do a reading, MC, plan the hens or bucks, perform, make a speech or do a toast. Bridal Parties come in all shapes and sizes.

Celebrate your engagement!

Getting engaged is worthy of it’s own celebration whether it’s a big extravaganza or a just a little acknowledgement. It doesn’t have to be pricey either; Book a beer garden, tell everyone where you’ll be and ask them to join you. You can go a bit further and put on a casual shin-dig for your friends and family. Or maybe you want to go out all-out and test the waters with a mini version of the big event that awaits… minus the white dress. The Best Wedding App has your engagement event needs covered too.

The Big B word :

Before you plan anything, sit down with your partner and set a wedding budget as this will determine everything for your big day. Decide on what elements are important and what you will and won’t compromise on. If you love flowers and don't care for stationary then take a little money out of your stationary budget and put more into your flowers. If you want a great ceremony, then invest in your celebrant etc. The Best Wedding App has an exclusive budget calculator that helps you play around with different supplier scenarios, so you stay on budget but don’t miss out on your favourites.

Now the fun begins so, plan away lovebirds, plan away.

Are you a power couple who gets straight down to business or, do you like to see where life takes you? Whatever you decide to do, The Best Wedding App has you covered when it comes to planning your wedding from start to finish. Find your suppliers, get quotes, stay on budget and find your style. Set, swipe, match! Download the app today and change your life immediately.

Congratulations on this exciting step in your lives together. xo