Photo by Mark Davis Photography
Photo by Mark Davis Photography

Nothing helps set a scene better than music. And watching the wedding vows of loved ones is enough to put a lump in anyone’s throat. Your ceremony is an excellent chance to tug at those heart strings and set the tone. A little live music goes a long way, so if you have the funds or the resources, then ring in some talent.

There are so many tasteful options for ceremonies; from string quartets, vocalists, pipers, harpists or guitarists to name a few. Live music is a real novelty and such unique talents give ceremonies a real boost. Your guests can sit back and settle into the vibe before the big grand entrance.

During a ceremony, live music can be so much easier to navigate. Celebrants love the ease of knowing the song will be played for as long as needed. Once ready, the celebrant will simply cue the musicians when the moment arrives for the bride or groom to make their entrance and they’ll do the same for when the song should end. No one wants to run out of music half way through the big walk down the aisle.

Mark Davis Photogrpahy
Photo by Mark Davis Photography

Top tips:

Double check with your venue that they allow live music, also if they have any noise or time restrictions for the band.  

String instruments cannot be played outside in the rain, so if you have organised a string quartet and you do not supply them with shelter, be aware they may not be able to play.

Mark Davis Photography
Photo by Mark Davis Photography

If using pre recorded music, entrust someone who takes being “controller of the volume nob” seriously enough to fade-out rather than abruptly stopping the music.

It’s all about the vibe.