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Are you are thinking of wearing a veil on your big day? Here is some information for you.

Once upon a time in, in around 500BC, a bride would wear a veil to cover her face and protect herself from evil spirits trying to steal her happiness. Sheesh… those Romans were a paranoid bunch.

And I’m sure that’s exactly what Hailey Baldwin was thinking when she wore an incredible custom made gown by Virgil Abloh embroidered with the words TILL DEATH DO US PART across the back; which we all know really translates to “Back off evil bitches, Justin Bieber is miiiiine!” Joking. ( …he’s mine!)

But, the veil has definitely come into itself as a fashion focal point and traditional wedding accessory. So, how did we turn that debbie-downer on it’s heel? Well, it all stems from our favourite saucy little minx, Queen Victoria.

Not only did she propose to her husband, she also wore a white wedding dress and, then she insisted that no one else could wear white except her! Stand down, ladies, the Kween has spoken. Oh, and she totally copied Hailey Bieber and wore a veil. Hail Queen Vic.

Mark Davis Photography
Photo by Mark Davis Photography


Whether it’s a long train, a short veil or a blusher to cover your face, the purpose of the veil became a sign of purity and innocence. Chrissy Teigen nailed the veil when she married John Legend. She wore a beautiful tulle veil with a contemporary dress. So modern and fresh. Bravo Legends.

A long veil, which acts like a train is very dramatic, elegant and can be seen in larger chapel weddings (or in Nick Jonas’s wife’s case, from the sky. Google it!)

Veils can be adorned with various elements. They can be made of lace, they can have beading or pearls on them. They can be coloured or they can be an exact match to the colour of your wedding dress.

Mark Davis Photography
Photo by Mark Davis Photography

But remember, If you wear a veil to an outdoor wedding, be mindful of the wind and be sure to avoid a tornado manifesting on your head. Tuck your veil wings under your arm during the ceremony. It’s fine for Mary Poppins but, we don’t want you flying away mid I-do’s. Also, make sure your hair and make-up artist secures your veil very well, that way you won't be running down the street after it.

As a rule of thumb, if you wear a covered veil as you walk down the aisle with a family member, then they typically get the task of ‘unveiling’ you once you reach the front of the altar.

If you choose for your face to be covered for the whole ceremony, then your partner would remove it once you kiss. Ta Da!

Mark Davis Photography
Photo by Mark Davis Potography

Famous brides who wore veils:

Kate Middleton - Duchess of Cambridge:

Duchess Kate wore a long veil and she chose to cover her face, she of course was married in a church and wearing a veil is a very traditional and customary aspect of getting married in the British Monarch.

Bianca Macias:

When Bianca Macias married Mick Jagger, she chose to wear more of a blusher veil, covering her hat. We love this ultra-modern and contemporary look from 1971.

Ellie Goulding:

Pop icon, Ellie Goulding was married at York Minster. She wore a Chloé silk crêpe gown, which was embroidered with White Rose of York symbols.   Her veil was long and contemporary.

Priyanka Chopra:

Priyanka Chopra brought back the trend of a long veil. She was married to Nick Jonas in 2018. She wore a custom made Ralph Lauren wedding dress and her veil was 75-feet long.

Chrissy Teigen:

When Chrissy Teigen married John Legend, she wore a beautiful tulle veil with a modern yet stunning dress.

Hailey Bieber:

Hailey took everyone’s breath away in a gown made gown by Virgil Abloh. She was married to Justin Bieber in 2019.  The dress was so iconic that the words "wedding dress" were stitched into the back of the gown, in nothing other than pearls—you heard us right. Hailey's veil was also embroidered with the words "TILL DEATH DO US PART."

As you can see, all the cool kids are wearing veils, so will you?