The newest chapel on wheels set to rock NSW. Tiny Chapel is a quaint and picturesque wedding on wheels that brings the altar to you. A unique concept that provides an intimate wedding experience and stands out in a world of traditional celebrations. Move over Elvis!

What do you love about weddings, how did you start out, and how long have you been in the business for?

The Tiny Chapel team is head over heels in love with weddings! We find immense joy in witnessing the love stories of couples coming to life. Our journey into the world of weddings began with the desire to offer something extraordinary, something that would stand out in the wedding scene. As the newest sensation in this field, we started our journey this year, and it's been an exhilarating ride ever since. Our inspiration stems from the belief that love stories should be celebrated uniquely, and that's what drove us to create the Tiny Chapel on wheels.

Does your brand have a specific style?

Absolutely! Our brand is all about being fabulous and gorgeous. We understand that weddings are all about celebrating the love between two people, and this calls for an atmosphere that's not just special but incredibly beautiful. Fabulous and gorgeous perfectly capture the essence of the Tiny Chapel's style. We aim to create a setting that's not just unique but also exudes elegance and charm, ensuring that your special day is as beautiful as your love story.

How many people do you have on your team and who should we expect on the day? If no one, do you have a backup plan?

The Tiny Chapel team consists of two dedicated individuals who are committed to ensuring that everything runs seamlessly on your big day. You can expect these team members to be present to set up the Tiny Chapel and make sure that everything goes off without a hitch. While we strive to make your wedding day as perfect as possible, we also have backup plans in place to handle any unforeseen circumstances, ensuring your day remains magical.

Tell us a bit about your process when booking a wedding from start to finish? What’s included and what’s not?

Booking the Tiny Chapel is a straightforward process. All you need to provide is the date, time, and venue, and we will take it from there. We'll deliver the Tiny Chapel to your chosen location, leaving it with you for four hours. During this time, you have the flexibility to decorate it yourself to match your unique style or hire a professional decorator to bring your vision to life. This way, you can create a wedding space that reflects your personality and love story. What's included in our service is the delivery and set-up of the Tiny Chapel, while decorations and styling are up to you.

What info do you require from a couple to best understand their vision and accurately quote on jobs?

We keep the process of booking the Tiny Chapel as simple as possible. All we need to know is the location, time, and date of your wedding. With this information, we can ensure a seamless Tiny Chapel experience tailored to your specific needs. By understanding these basic details, we can help create an atmosphere that aligns perfectly with your vision and quote you accurately for our services.

Is there anywhere that couples can see your work?

To get a closer look at the Tiny Chapel, you can find us Facebook and Instagram. It's an excellent way to connect with us and get a visual taste of what we can bring to your special day.

Tell us a bit about your fee structure.

At the Tiny Chapel, we believe in keeping things simple and affordable. Our fee structure is straightforward. We offer the Tiny Chapel experience for a fee of $2,500, which covers the use of the chapel for four hours. This fee includes the delivery and setup of the Tiny Chapel, creating a charming wedding setting for your special day. We aim to make your wedding experience as stress-free as possible and ensure it remains unique and affordable.

Do you work on locations, and do your prices include travel fees?

The Tiny Chapel is designed to be as convenient as possible for you. We offer free delivery within a 100km radius, meaning you can enjoy the enchanting Tiny Chapel experience without incurring any additional travel fees within this range. This ensures that you can have a beautiful and unique wedding at your chosen location without any extra costs.

What does your calendar look like this year, and how far in advance are you booked?

As a new sensation in the wedding industry, our calendars are currently open and filling up. This means you have the opportunity to be among the first to create magical memories with the Tiny Chapel this year. We're excited to bring this unique experience to couples, and our schedule is ready to accommodate your special day.

How many weddings have you done over the years?

The Tiny Chapel has had the privilege of hosting three weddings, and each of these celebrations has been unique and unforgettable. Our experience in these three weddings has shaped our commitment to providing a distinctive wedding experience that stands out in the world of traditional celebrations.

What can couples expect from you?

At the Tiny Chapel, couples can expect a truly magical day with very little fuss. Our goal is to simplify the wedding process and create a special atmosphere for your celebration. We aim to provide a convenient, unique, and beautiful wedding experience that is both fabulous and gorgeous, reflecting the love story of each couple in a charming setting.

Got any hot tips for couples when booking a business like yours?

One of the hottest tips we can offer couples is that the Tiny Chapel experience provides a unique opportunity to create a magical, one-of-a-kind wedding on a smaller budget. While it may be new and unique, it remains an affordable option to celebrate your love story in an intimate and beautiful setting.

What’s was the coolest, craziest, or your most memorable wedding to work on?

Our very first wedding with the Tiny Chapel was an elopement that left an indelible mark on us. It was an intimate affair with the bride, groom, and a few close friends and family members. Following the heartfelt ceremony, the celebration seamlessly transitioned into a lively house party, where more friends and family joined in to make it an unforgettable experience. This elopement set the tone for our future weddings, reminding us that weddings can be both unique and magical in their own way.

Tell us a bit about the face behind the brand. What do you get up to on a day off, and where would we find you?

The Tiny Chapel team is dedicated to ensuring your wedding day is as special and hassle-free as possible. On our days off, you might find us exploring new ideas and inspirations to enhance our business. We're constantly seeking ways to make the Tiny Chapel experience even more enchanting and memorable for our couples. Our passion for weddings extends beyond our workdays, and we're always looking for ways to