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Tight arse tuesdays and other excellent choices for the budget conscious couple.

Whatever your budget, when it comes to planning a wedding, it is great to know what seasons come with the biggest price tag. Here’s a few sneaky tips for the budget conscious couple to get what you want for just a shadow of the full price.

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The venue:

The sanctuary you choose for hosting your wedding reception is the foundation for your entire day. It it sensible to lock in a venue before booking any other suppliers. Once you have a venue and a date, the rest falls into place. So what happens when you find the perfect venue with a crushing price tag?

Don’t give up. Your dream venue may not be out of reach after all. It might be time to weigh up your options and compromise in other areas to get what you want. Sort out your priorities and ask yourself this; Are more hell bent on the venue or does the time of year matter most?

Peak seasons:

Typically the peak wedding seasons are Spring and Summer, with Winter usually being seen as the off-season. So if you are hung up on a perfect venue but it’s out of your budget then ask about their off season prices. Peak season will almost always see venues and suppliers at non-negotiable premium prices, but in the off season the cost per head could being significantly reduced. Would it be so bad to have a winter wedding if it means having a dream location?

Saturday is prime!

Okay, so you’re not keen on compromising on the season, but man… you really want that venue. So, the next thing to think about are the days of the week. It’s not rocket science, Saturdays are the most popular day for a wedding. It’s the perfect party day, giving your guests an entire day on Sunday to recover before life goes back to normal but, it’s also the priciest, Friday receptions come in at a close second, although they still require people to rush from work or take a day off. Sundays are also popular however, some venues may compromise here so, it’s worth asking a venue if Sunday fees are included in those premium price tags.

A week-day wedding might be your best chance off nabbing your favourite venue at a discounted rate but, there may be challenges and things you should consider first before committing to this idea. Most of your loved ones will embrace whatever you chose but it might be trickier for some to attend than for others. It means your guests may need to take a day off work and, if you are planning a wedding out of town, then they’ll also have to squeeze in travel time too. If you want full enthusiasm and guests staying til stumps then consider what impact a week-day wedding will have on your guests.

What if you just can’t compromise on the venue or the season or the day:

Okay, so you’ll be going head on for the trifecta; the best venue, the peak season, on a Saturday night! So, what now? Well, it’s time to jump on The Best Wedding App and start using our budget calculator to book the rest of your suppliers with-out blowing out on your remaining budget. Our budget calculator lets you play around with different supplier scenarios so that you don’t have to compromise on the big ticket items and you can stay on track with your budget.

Happy planning lovers! xx