The Wild Elopement Co specialise in crafting extraordinary elopement adventures that will leave a lasting impression on you and your loved ones. Their mission is to create epic and unforgettable experiences for couples who crave the thrill of the wilderness and refuse to settle for the ordinary.

The Wild Elopement Co
The Wild Elopement Co

Who are you?

We're Victoria & Lukas from The Wild Elopement Co, we are based in South West WA.

Tell us how you started and how long you’ve been in the wedding business?

I (Victoria) have been in the wedding game for 13 years. I'm a photographer and merged into creating adventure elopements. The Wild Elopement Co was born from an epiphany! I really wanted to share the beauty and magic of this region.

Does your brand have a specific style?

Definitely! Our brand is adventurous, authentic & passionate. We use earthy tones along with pops of vibrant colors to represent the excitement of adventure within nature. Our photography style consists of high-quality, candid shots of couples immersed in nature, capturing their love and the beauty of the wilderness. The Wild Elopement Co promises to take couples on a journey that goes beyond a traditional wedding. We promise them an adventure, a deep connection with nature, and an elopement experience that's as unique as their love story.

The Wild Elopement Co
The Wild Elopement Co

How many people do you have on your team and who should we expect on the day?

We are a husband and wife team who also organise your other vendors such as your celebrant, hair stylist, makeup artist & florist.

Tell us a bit about your process when booking a wedding from start to finish?

From the moment you book us, we're on this journey with you; planning every little intricate detail. We find that having this all in kind of relationship with our couples, helps us get to know each other and builds trust, so that on the day you feel completely at ease around us and the cameras.

What info do you require from a couple to best understand their vision and accurately quote on jobs?

We always like to have an in-person meeting or zoom call with our couples, not just for a meet & greet and to check our vibes match, but also have a chat about their vision and how we can bring that to light.

The Wild Elopement Co
The Wild Elopement Co

Tell us a bit about your fee structure?

We have two main packages.

The Wild is fully inclusive, and as the name suggests, takes you off-road to some stunning secret and hard to get to hotspots in the South West. Literally all you have to do is rock up. We do these in both Margaret River & Pemberton areas.

The Classic is my original all-Inclusive package which I've been doing through my photography business for ages! It's all done for you, but isn't so much off-road. This suits Margaret River better, where the epic locations are easier to get to!! And then you just need to organise your own accommodation. Alternatively, we can tailor something just for our couples!! And this could include a longer stay with additional adventures thrown in too!!

Do you work on location and do your prices include travel fees?

We only offer our Wild Elopements in South West WA, predominantly in the Margaret River and Pemberton regions. Lukas is a South West expert and knows all the hot spots. Due to his expertise, we only offer our Wil Elopements in South West WA, predominantly in the Margaret River and Pemberton regions. Our travel fees are included in our main packages.

The Wild Elopement Co
The Wild Elopement Co

What does your calendar look like this year and how far in advance are you booked?

It is best to book a year in advance, but we do have a few spaces available at short notice. It does need to be at least a month in advance for the celebrant's paperwork. Due to the nature of elopements, we tend to stick to weekdays.

Please list up to 5 vendors you work with regularly?

Love Empire with Nikki

Weddings by Kate

Married by Marisa

Margaret River Hampers

Hidden Beaute Studio


Donna Cameron

The Flower Fox

How many weddings have you done?

We have shot around 300 weddings to date.

The Wild Elopement Co
The Wild Elopement Co

What are you all about and do you have any advice for couples looking to elope?

We're all about epic and unforgettable elopement adventures!

If you’re looking for a unique way to elope that embraces the extraordinary. Whether you’re exchanging vows on a vast sand dune or saying “I do” deep in a hidden forest, we’ll make sure that your special day is a thrilling experience you’ll never forget. Our intrepid photographer will capture every exhilarating moment, creating a collection of wedding photos that will inspire awe (and envy) in everyone you share them with. Unleash your desire for the extraordinary and let's create a celebration of your love that’s unlike anything else. Adventure awaits you with The Wild Elopement Co!


Why Should we elope?

Haha there is no straight answer to that! This is a decision that only YOU can make.

These may help…


a) With weddings in Australia now costing somewhere in the region of $30 – 60k, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper!

b) You can just do YOU! In terms of location, food, time of day etc…

c) NO HASSLE or STRESS (Particularly if you book with TWEC!!)

d) You can read your personal vows just to each other making it a beautifully intimate occasion.


a) Your nearest & dearest will not be there!! Nobody to walk you down the aisle or to cheer you on! If the idea of this fills you with dread, then maybe an elopement isn’t for you!! Having said that, there is plenty of movement inside the spectrum. An elopement with just you two being at one end and a big wedding at the other.

What about a micro wedding with a few close family members?

This could tick all the boxes! At The Wild Elopement Co, we can include up to around 10 guests.

Q. So literally all we have to do is turn up?

A. Pretty much yes! There is a little bit of paperwork required by your celebrant. To legally elope in Western Australia, you first need to file a Notice of Intended Marriage form at least a month before the wedding date – which means you need to plan ahead! This form should include the name of your celebrant or minister. You’ll also need to provide your birth certificate or passport. After the ceremony, you have 14 days to submit your marriage paperwork to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Then, they’ll issue you with your legal marriage certificate. But yes that’s pretty much it. Everything else, we can do for you!

Q. What is the approximate cost of eloping?

A. Eloping can be a way more cost-effective option compared to traditional weddings. You only actually need a celebrant to officially get wed!! But if you want something truly memorable, anything from about 5k is realistic. Expenses can vary based on location, travel, accommodation, and additional services you choose to include. Still it’s a bit drop from $35K which is the average amount spent on a wedding in Australia. Here at the Wild Elopement Co, our focus is on creating epic experiences which in turn craft lifelong memories. We want your day to be AMAZING!! Create a realistic budget, prioritize what matters most to you and go from there!

Q. How can we make our elopement unique & memorable?

A. a) Make an adventure out of it (We will do this for you!)

b) A cake for 2 (We can sort this)

c) Bring your pets (Speak to us first about logistics as dogs not allowed in National Parks!)

d) Tie the knot with a pagan hand tying ceremony

e) Write your own personal vows

f) Surprise your other half. This could be a singing them a song or pulling something out of the bag which is perfectly you two!!

Q. Can we bring our dog?

A. Although we 100% approve, there are some factors to take into consideration. As mentioned above, dogs are not allowed in National Parks, which are where we mostly hang out!! If you want your dog at your ceremony, then a simple option would be to have your ceremony somewhere else. This could be a dog-friendly beach such as Gnarabup or Prevelly near Margaret River. There’s another catch though, dogs are not allowed to be left, nor would you want to leave them in your Airbnb. Think carefully whether having your fur baby at your wedding is worth the crazy logistics. Luckily there are now a few companies to the rescue. Furry Fit and All 4 Pets (based in Margaret River) both offer petting services and come highly recommended, leaving you to enjoy your day knowing that pooch is in the best hands possible!

Q. How do I scout the locations we want?

A. In short… You don’t need to, because we’ve done it for you!! The Wild Elopement Co came to be because we believe that your elopement should be hassle and stress-free!! We have an absolute abundance of local knowledge up our sleeves and whether you’re into oceans, forest, farmland or a bit of everything – we know of some pretty epic spots!! Having said that, if you’ve got somewhere in mind which for whatever reason is off our radar, we’re all ears!!!

Q. Do you do same-sex weddings?

A. Absobloodylutely A million times YES!!! LGBTQIA+, no matter how you identify and regardless of how you define your relationship, We'd love to craft an elopement for you.

The Wild Elopement Co
The Wild Elopement Co

Got any hot tips for couples when booking a business like yours?

Get in early! This guarantees the best vendors possible!! How your elopement will look will be very dependent on the weather, so think carefully about what season suits you best. Check we fit your vibe. You are going to be hanging out with us on one of the most special days of your lives. And we will probably be your witnesses. You need to like us!

Where do you find your flair and inspiration for the business?

We find our personal flair and inspiration from the places we go! The South West of WA is a world-renowned biodiversity hotspot, and it shows! The scenery is spectacular. We love finding other little boutique businesses which we can intertwine into our elopements.

What do you love most about your job and working in the wedding industry?

All the above!! Sharing our love of the wilderness and creating something magical for our couples really does fill our cup!!

Finally, Tell us why you’re awesome?

The Wild Elopement Co specialises in crafting one-of-a-kind and adventurous elopement experiences, and our passion shines through every step of the way. Lukas and I are dedicated to creating unforgettable moments amidst the beauty of natural landscapes in the South West of W.A, and we're sticklers for the little things, ensuring that each elopement is personal and utterly memorable. We take the extra leap to guide couples to the best local cuisine, handle all the nitty-gritty legal details, and find accommodations that are as amazing as your love story. So, why are we awesome? Because we genuinely care about making your elopement an unforgettable reflection of your love and uniqueness!

The Wild Elopement Co
The Wild Elopement Co

Where can we find your work and how do we get in touch with you.




So, if you're ready to unleash your desire for the extraordinary, let The Wild Elopement Co help you create a celebration of your love that's unlike anything else. With The Wild Elopement Co, your adventure begins with getting in touch with them.

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