Sussana and Jason, Rick Liston
Photo by Rick Liston

Origins unveiled! Why are wedding dresses white?

The white wedding dress relates back to Queen Victoria, who married Prince Albert in 1840. Prior to this, wedding dresses weren’t white, but red!  At this point in history white was known to be a colour of mourning, and was frowned upon to wear at weddings. Queen Vic must have been a savvy little fashionista to buck the trend by wearing a white lace dress to her wedding. The trend skyrocketed for centuries.

As the years have passed, brides are now becoming more decisive when it comes to what they want to wear at their wedding. Dresses come in a multitude of colours with pantsuits coming in for the win and topping the charts for the 2020s.

Remember, it is your day so listen to your inner voice and don’t let others influence your choices. There is no right or wrong.

Mark Davis Photography
Photo by Mark Davis Photography

Be unique, be individual, be you! xx