Lights, camera, action! This week, we chat to Stuart Dwyer, a videographer and all round lovely human.

His company, Stu Art Video Production, is a popular choice for Newlyweds and, after an hour with Stu, it’s easy to tell why. His relaxed nature is mixed with pure professionalism. How could thousands of couples be wrong?

Do you have many available dates in a calendar year?

Yes -  however months such as March are nearly fully booked, but as we are a team of videographers, we do have some flexibility with our availability.

Will you be the one doing all of the shooting?

No, we have a team. Myself, Rielly, Jesse & Erik. When booking, you are able to select your preference if you have one :)

Will you have any assistants with you on couples wedding days?

No, generally it will just be one person. - Occasionally we may choose to bring an assistant for some circumstances, but we’ll let you know if this is the case.

How long have you been shooting weddings?

Over 15 years!

How many weddings have you been a videographer for?

I’ve lost count, but definitely over 1000.

Why is videography important?

A photo only says so much. Videography can capture your day with more detail and emotion. Modern wedding films are cinematic to watch and provide a stunning and often emotional record of your special day.

Do you often shoot weddings that have a similar size and style?

Every wedding is different, but the majority of our weddings are usually around 6hrs coverage.

Can couples see the full videos of a few of your recent weddings?

We have our cinematic highlights videos for couples who are happy to share, on our YouTube channel: Our YouTube Channel The long form edit can go for 1-2hrs depending on the weddings, and for privacy reasons these can’t be watched online. However by appointment at our Berwick home studio, we’re happy to show you how these are presented also.

If you have never shot a wedding at a particular venue, do you go and check it out?

It’s not often that we get hired to shoot at a wedding venue we’ve not worked out before, so this would be rare. Having said that, no we don’t need to do reconnaissance for a wedding venue we’ve not worked at. Wedding videography is all about adapting to different circumstances on the fly, we have little control over things such as the weather, environment & other such factors. So we are very proficient at surveying the situation and environment and identifying the best way to capture your day. For an experienced videographer, visiting a venue prior to the shoot would make very little difference to how we capture things on the day.  

Do you have a Photographer that you normally work with?

A good videographer’s job is to be easy to work with no matter which photographer has been hired by the couple, and we make that our job. Having said that Stu’s wife Kelly is a wedding photographer (Happily Ever After Photography), and Stu also collaborates with friends Andrew, from Passion8 Photography and Sean, from A Touch of Flash Photography to name just a few.

Do you have a few venues that you frequent?

We work a lot out of the Dandenongs, venues such as Marybrook, Chateau Wyuna, Poets Lane, Lyrebird Falls, Potters Receptions, Bramleigh Estate, Ballara Receptions, & Immerse Winery are some of our regulars.

How would you describe your videography style?

We try to be as candid and ‘fly on the wall’ in our approach as possible. I think the best way to describe our style would be modern with a candid approach.

What would you compare your work to?

Although our work may be similar in style to some other videographers out there, we’re not in the habit of comparing our style to anyone in particular. We just run our own race :)

How would you describe your working style?

Fun, casual and laid back.

Can couples customise a package to fit their needs?

Yes, we keep things very simple in that regard. We have one base minimum package which includes 1 edit (your choice of long form or short cinematic highlights) & 4hrs coverage on the day. You can add additional hours to this base package for $200 p/h and you can add a second edit for an additional $300 if you would like both the long form and the Highlights edit. if you do order the second edit, we also throw in a 1min teaser delivered shortly after your wedding on our Facebook & Instagram page. (check them out here:

How many hours are included in each package?

How much do extra hours cost? (see above - we only have one package - $1650 for 4hrs, you can just add extra hours onto this if you need).

Do you charge a travel fee?

We don’t charge travel for any weddings that are within an hour’s drive. We can get anywhere in Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula or Yarra Valley within 1 hour.

How long after the wedding will couples receive their video?

During peak times of the year, approximately 60-90days on average, less in quieter months such as winter. If you get the 1min teaser, this is delivered within a week of your wedding.

How is the video delivered to the clients?

Your finished files are delivered on USB flash drive or can be given as download links. - your choice.

Who will have the rights to the video?

We retain the rights to your video, but you are welcome to copy and distribute to family and friends for personal use as you see fit.

How will you and your assistants be dressed?

Pants and a shirt - semi formal but comfy enough to do our job properly :)

Can couples request a list of specific videos they would like?

Sure if there’s something out of the ordinary that we should know about, please let us know! - however we will be capturing everything that happens on the day.

Tell us your favourite suppliers to work with?

We have a list available of our favourite supplies from all different categories. We’d be happy to email that list over should you need any suggestions :)

Tell us your most memorable wedding?

Well thats a tough one!!! So many weddings, so many that are memorable for different reasons! But an obvious one is when I captured the first ever legally recognised same sex wedding in Victoria at the Cancer hospital. One of the brides had only weeks to live. It was extremely emotional and beautiful, it was also very strange working around the news media that were also there to capture the event. My footage got played on The Project later that day. Another that sticks out in my mind includes the day of the Melbourne floods, when the rain completely washed Melbourne out forcing us to skip on the photo shoot and forcing the limo driver to detour so far to get around the floods that the bridal party was over an hour late for their own reception!

Where is the coolest place you have ever shot a wedding?

Well literally and figuratively that would be Queenstown New Zealand. We where flown over by the couple (the owners of Marybrooke Manor & Chateau Wyuna) and had an amazing time. We even got flown in a helicopter up to the top of The Remarkables in Otago for a photo shoot!

Have you ever had anything crazy happen at a wedding, tell us all about it?

Being a wedding videographer for over 15 years, I’ve seen a lot… I’ve had a drunk party goer do a ‘nudie run’ through our family photos session at The Portsea Hotel, I’ve seen a number of dress malfunctions during the bouquet throw, I’ve seen a drunk groom vomit as he’s cheered out of the reception, I’ve seen a wedding reception turn into a wake when the father of the bride passed away during the evening, I’ve seen the power go out at a reception for over two hours with the only light provided in the venue coming from my camera lights, I’ve fallen into a pond during the photoshoot, I’ve cracked my head open on a ceiling eve, I’ve seen multiple bridal cars break down on trek to the wedding, I’ve seen a guest at a reception strip down to his undies and swim in the water feature on display behind the bridal table at Potters… shall I go on??

How do you make couples feel comfortable?

My team and I are all very easy going people. Usually within minutes of being with us you’ll relax when you see that we’re friendly and fun to have around on the day.

We know you are awesome, but what are your unique selling points?

Anyone can hold a camera, and anyone can learn to take nice footage, but we focus on being kind, fun and friendly. We have a genuine desire to make you guys happy, but not only nailing your footage but also by being fun to be around. - after all you’ll be hanging out with us all day!

What is your favourite past time—where can we find you on a day off?

After a shoot I like to spend time with my kids, watch movies, play video games or relax with a good audio book.

Go on, tell us your favourite naughty word or guilty pleasure.

I love a good gourmet burger & an ice cold bourbon & coke. Pretty simple to please really ;)

Stu Art Video Production can be found on The Best Wedding App under Videography and Live Streaming