Don't know much about music, we have you covered!

Photo by Rick Liston

We love music, so this section of wedding planning is a no brainer for us. Getting married is exciting, fun and also a tad daunting.

If music is an area during your planning process that you are unsure about, the team at The Best Wedding App have created a playlist for every occasion. In fact we have you covered throughout the whole wedding night:

  • Songs To Get Ready Too
  • Pre and Post Ceremony Music
  • Walking Down The Aisle, the Processional
  • Signing The Register
  • Just Married, the Recessional
  • The Reception
  • The First Dance
  • Sexy Wedding Night Tunes

So if you are unsure where to start go here:

Photo by Rick Liston

We promise you will find some amazing tunes to make your wedding day even more special.