Their work is consistently stunning and outrageously breath- taking. Meet Jess and Matt, the crafty husband and wife combo who bring a sense of warmth, elegance and awe to their floristry.

With four children of their own, they’ve well and truly mastered the art of marriage, raising kids and running a super successful wedding business. After 27 years in the industry, Jess is a wealth of knowledge, and I sat down with her to get the low-down on all things flowers.

How did you become a florist and how long have you been a florist for?

I’m in my 27th year of floristry now, this is my 11th of running my own business. I was looking for a creative, hands on job and gave it a go and I’ve been hooked ever since!

What are your favourite flowers?

Stock and Daphne for their perfume, Coral Charm Peonies and Nina Roses for their show stopping drama.

How many people do you have on your team?

My husband Matt and I run the business and are super hands. Our team consists of up to 6 amazing freelancers on any given day.

How do you prefer to quote on jobs?

I love to see a couple’s Pinterest board, but prefer to talk through the details to really understand the scope of work and what is most important to focus on.

How does your process work from start to finish?

Due to the volume of work and level of detailed service I look to provide my couples, I have a number of workflows in place. Once a couple is booked in for a full service wedding, they are welcome to come to the studio to select from my collection of vessels and styling props to further personalise their floral design.

Is it easy to fit within couples budgets?

That all depends on the vision and the scope, honestly. Quality florals are a luxury item and the more complex and elaborate wedding florals can add up really quickly. Everyone has a budget, and I suggest focussing your floral budget in key, impactful areas for maximum value.

What is your floristry style?

Natural, generous and romantic.

Who is your favourite styling company to work with?

I don’t have a favourite, but I enjoy Styling and Planning in my other role representing Darling Don’t Panic in the Yarra Valley.

How many weddings have you done over the years?

I haven’t counted but it would be hundreds.

What was your most memorable wedding to work on?

That’s like picking a favourite child -impossible haha! 

How far in advance do you book out?

We book out quickly and quite far in advance, 18months - 2 years. However, if you are getting married on a tight time frame please enquire with us and we would love to be of assistance.

What can couples do with the flowers after the wedding, if they are not taking them home?

Gift them to your guests! Otherwise, I always suggest to simply enjoy them for their fleeting, seasonal beauty and make sure you get lots of incredible detail shots of your flowers from your day. I don’t understand wanting to hold on to flowers after the wedding - enjoy them as you would the cake, the food and the wine. 

Have you had any crazy things happen at weddings, if so we want to know all the gossip.

I think the funniest was a guy rocking up a day early as a guest to a wedding, but I’m usually elbow deep in flowers or up a ladder so haven’t really seen anything too crazy!

You are a mamma of 4, and a hubby and wife team—tell us how you do it SUPERMOM!

I am lucky to have an awesome, hands on husband who takes the lead with the kids - I couldn’t do what I do without his support, honestly. I also have an incredibly talented crew of women on my team and I’m super organised, have great systems and workflows in place. It also helps thatI love what I do and I am totally obsessed with weddings and floral design.

What do you get up to on a day off, where can we find you?

I love a good Netflix series, watching it with my feet up and a glass full of vino.

What makes your floristry style unique?

My clients tend to appreciate my attention to detail, use of colour and texture, abundant styling, use of interesting, foraged and hand dyed materials, thoughtful and artful placement and design. Put simply, I love my job!

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