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Should I book a videographer as well as a photographer for my wedding?

This is a common question and strangely, these two ticket items often fall under one umbrella, but we are talking about two completely different products here.

A good photographer will capture perfect snapshots of the day and deliver them to you as a gorgeous collection of imagery to be curated and consolidated into a beautiful album as a moment in time that you can reflect upon over and over again.

Believe us, your wedding day goes so quickly. It’s going to fly by. For example, the ceremony that lasts for half an hour may feel like five minutes to you. This is exactly why we think videography is also so important.

Mark Davis Photography
Photo by Mark Davis Phorography

Videography gives you a different kind of snapshot of the day. The power of moving imagery, voices, spoken words and music goes a long way. Your videographer may even choose to play a snippet of your vows during your video. That way you re-visit your promises to each other. The videographer may also include footage of friends and family saying their speeches at your reception. This is something that photography simply cannot replicate.

If you have family or friends abroad who can’t make it to your big day, then videography will be such an asset. Videographers will create footage for you that you can share with your loved ones all around the world. If they can’t be at your wedding, then this is the next best thing to making them feel a part of your day, from start to finish.

As a general rule of thumb Videography is just as important as photography. Of course prices will vary between Videographers and understandably not everyone can do both. So, if you’re unsure how much you want to spend then get a few quotes and go from there.

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If you are a lover of moments, artistic photos, voices and snapshots in time then you better make room in your budget for both suppliers. xx