Want to put some personal flare into your day, minimise the footprint on the planet by going green or simply save money? Bomboniere doesn't have to cost a bomb. Below we have provided some excellent options for those not wanting to break the bank or who are scratching their heads for ideas.

First up, mason jars.

Even before you know what you're doing, mason jars can pave the way for whatever idea you go with. They are cheap, and you can almost always find pre-loved mason jars or bottles in op shops or on FB marketplace. Make cute little terrariums with them, fill them with lollies to match your colour scheme or make up a cocktail pre mixer.

For the bakers

Why not whip up individualised chocolates in the shape of a love-hearts? For this you're going to need a chocolate mould, some freeze dried rose petals, a heap of white or dark chocolate, enough teeny bags to suit your guest count and, most importantly a wooden spoon for licking the bowl while you mix that chocolate. Martha Stewarts of the world, get that apron on and get ready to live your best life!

Photo by  Mohamed Kara bernou


Your guests will think you're the bees knees if you source some local honey and separate it into mason jars. Attach a personalised sticker or wrap a lil' wedding tag around the lid. Don't just limit yourself to honey, this idea works with jam, chutney, lemon curd... anything. Preserve away, you little honey home maker!

Photo by Jose Rommel Diaz

Potted plants.

Send your guests home with a gift that will last. Potted succulents go a long way.... and we literally mean that, one little "succer" will eventually adorn your garden in no time. Go to your local op shop and grab yourself a few cups, pots or, dare I say again ... mason jars. Use succulents from your garden, your neighbours garden or your grandma's garden. But, if you're not willing to steal from the neighbours or your G'ma, then they are also very cheap to buy at local markets, or even Bunnings.

Photo by  Sepehr Latifi


If you're not that into DIY projects, then offload the manual labour and order yourself some customised macaroons online. They are surprisingly inexpensive, cute as buttons and dangerously delicious. Save cash by buying them in bulk and packaging them up yourself. Tie in your macaroon with your colour scheme and you will have a chic and stylish wedding favour leaving your guests to croon over the macaroon.

Photo by  Maksim Chernyshev


We all need that coaster beneath our cup of tea. Personalising a coaster for your guests is a lovely idea as a take-home memento. Your guest will think of you every time they settle in for a cosy cuppa. What a nice way to be remembered.

Photo by  Andrii Omelnytskyi

Sugar cookies.

Batter up buttercup. Give your guests a sweet little '"thank-you for coming to our wedding" cookie. If you can bake, then sweet sugar cookies with icing to boot is an inexpensive, eco friendly, caring act of gratitude.

Photo by  Pablo Nidam

Scented candles.

Oh, this idea evokes total Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze vibes on the pottery wheel. Hot candle wax, wicks, scents and mason jars make for a raunchy craft attempt. The point is, have a crack at making scented candles for your guests. It could be fun, it could be saucy or it could be hilarious. The ultimate bonus is that your house will smell amazing (and hopefully so will your guest's homes, once they get their sassy candle)

Photo by  Iuliia Prokopiv  

Whichever way you to choose to shake your Bom Bom...niere, put a little of your heart and soul into it.