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Tell us your name and company?

My name is Eleanor Fullarton (but you can call me El) and I own and manage our wedding venue, Leonards Hill Estate.

Tell us how you started and how long you’ve been in the wedding business?

Our wedding was the inspiration to this business – we had our wedding at country venue in Victoria and we thought, this is a great industry filled with love and happiness and that I can do this business and maybe a bit better (that was Richard Branson-inspired)! I saw the potential of what our property at Leonards Hill had and I knew it was meant to be something else, something more special (the original idea was to build villas to be used as short-stay accommodation, as Daylesford is a tourist destination). And voila! Six years later, Leonards Hill Estate was born 😊 And I’m really new, like 7 months to be exact!

Does your brand have a specific style?

We designed our venue to be a special place, with a relaxed country charm. My husband and I are laid-back people ourselves, so we wanted a space that felt the same way. We didn't want anything flashy or overdone, just a comfortable atmosphere that lets couples truly enjoy their surroundings. We did this by adding some modern touches and cool industrial elements, but we also kept things grounded with recycled tin and timber for that classic country feel. We wanted to be different from the typical barns or sheds you see around. This is a couple's big day, and we're thrilled to be a part of making it unforgettable!

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How many people do you have on your team and who should we expect on the day? If there is no one, do you have a backup plan?

There’s 2 of us currently – myself and my colleague Zsófia – she’s a gun at marketing and she’s so bubbly and smart! On the day, expect to see me creeping around! Jokes aside, it’s me and our bar staff. I’m there to supervise the event and makes sure it goes smoothly. I highly recommend hiring an On-the-Day Coordinator, as they will be more focussed on the couple, not just on the wedding day, but months before the big day, ensuring that everything goes to plan from the couple’s point of view – not that I won’t help though! I am their back up and if the couple doesn’t have a Coordinator, I request for a name of a person-in-charge so they can liaise with me if there’s any issues.

Tell us a bit about your process when booking a wedding from start to finish? What’s included and what’s not?

Once the couple has viewed all of packages on our website, they will book a tour date from our online booking platform and then I show them around the venue and discuss what their plans are for their big day. I also ensure that I provide them with the options and solutions to make their dream wedding happen. Once they’re happy with the venue and the package, I send the necessary information (contract, invoice, recommended vendors, next steps) and go from there, leading up to their wedding.

What info do you require from a couple to best understand their vision and accurately quote on jobs?

All the details of what they envision their wedding to be – number of guests, reception style, drinks options, which ceremony space they prefer. I would find all of this out at the venue tour and even some beforehand.

Is there anywhere that couples can see your work?

Definitely! Couples can check out our socials to see our previous wedding – our first one last February and it was beautiful.

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Tell us a bit about your fee structure?

Do you offer packages (which might include trials, fittings, rehearsals, engagement shots etc).
Yes, we do! We have All-Inclusive Weddings, Full Weddings, Micro Weddings, and Elopements – all of which can be viewed on our website with the prices. We want to be transparent with our couples and want it to be an easy process for them – A LOT less ghosting and time-wasting!

Can you work within people’s budgets?

Of course, we try to help as much as we can for the couple.

Do you only have a set fee every time?

No, as it depends on the package they have chosen.

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What does your calendar look like this year and how far in advance are you booked?

We have a few weddings this year, but most of our bookings are in 2025. Our dates are still flexible as we’re a new venue, but we’re so grateful to have 9 weddings already booked 😊 We have enquiries for 2026 too!

Please list up to 5 vendors you love working with?

Pearl Creative Styling

Plentiful Events

Spade to Blade

Weddings by Fran

Ada & Ivy Photography

How many weddings have you done over the years?

A sweet number 1!

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FAQs What can couples expect from you?

Our FAQs are quite lengthy, so please have a look on our website

Got any hot tips for couples when booking a business like yours?

Book early to ensure that your preferred date is still available.

What’s was the coolest, craziest or your most memorable wedding to work on?

You can never forget your first! HA! Our first wedding was so special and beautiful. The couple and their guests were all amazing people and we’re so honoured to have them as our first-ever wedding. Everything went smoothly too, which a bonus!

Tell us a bit about the face behind the brand. What do you get up to on a day off and where would we find you?

I love to spend time with my family (husband and 3 boys), going out for walks, eating at new places and discovering new things in general. I might sneak in a makeover show or two, just to relax and not think about work, which is very hard to achieve!

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Where do you find your flair and inspiration for the business?

I love business in general. Since I was a little girl, I already knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but it didn’t really click that I would be loving it and that it was my passion until I was in my early thirties. I believe it was passed down to me by my Mum, who’s unfortunately not with us anymore. She was a successful businesswoman overseas and I remember that I loved going to her office after school and pretending to work – she paid me sometimes! 😃 I also find inspiration from successful businesspeople such as Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk and more.

What do you love most about your job and working in the wedding industry?

I love that I could help couples have an amazing experience that they’ll remember forever – I think that’s pretty epic! Imagine being a part of someone’s best day and knowing that we helped make that happen! I also love that this industry has vendors and suppliers that helps one other and gives each other advice.

Finally, Tell us why you’re awesome? What sets your business apart from the rest.

We truly care about our couples and our service doesn’t just stop after they put down their deposit. I ensure that I check up on them to see if they need help on their wedding, and also providing a sounding board for their wedding day ideas.

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