Holly Lulu are all about bold, vibrant lingerie that suit all shapes and sizes. We chat to Holly about her creative process and what she loves to design. You do not have to wear white under your wedding outfit, go on, go colourful.

What do you love about weddings

I love weddings because it is 2 individuals coming together to make the commitment to one another in front of their friends and family. It is a day for celebrating love, which I think is a very special kind of day!

How did you start out and how long have you been in the business for?

I have an extensive background in the fashion industry with close to 10 years spread across Operations, Production and Design experience. Utilising this experience, I spent over 3 years developing my Intimates brand Holly Lulu which I launched earlier this year. 

Does your brand have a specific style? 

The Holly Lulu brand has a unique style because of the vibrant colour use in each design. Each piece is cut from fabrics with vivid patterns and eye-catching colours that have become a signature design aesthetic for the brand. 

Each set is designed with Holly Lulu’s stylish customer in mind so that the customer can match their colourful and unique style with a colourful and vibrant Holly Lulu lingerie set.  

Holly Lulu designs are perfect for the brides that want to add a little colour to their wedding day. 

How many people do you have on your team?

The Holly Lulu brand is run by just me Holly! As a new Small Business owner, I am the creative behind the brand, I manage the website, answer the customer service emails as well as manage production and wholesale requests.  I’ve taught myself a range of new skills while working on the brand and have found it to be very fulfilling and such a great learning experience in the process.   

Tell us a bit about your design process? 

The Holly Lulu customer is my first point of design inspiration. Each piece is created to enhance the customers’ personal style and their love of unique design.  

Garments are designed with multiple body types in mind so that the cut of each piece is flattering on a range of bodies. I always make sure to fit each style on different body types and cup sizes before signing off on each design.  

When designing, I love incorporating bright and complimentary colour schemes, floral lace work and unique design details. I have the most fun when I am sourcing  fabric and trim as this is when I can start to visualise all the design elements coming together into a complete lingerie set. 

Is there anywhere that couples can see your work?

Check out the Holly Lulu website www.hollylulu.com for all available lingerie designs.

I’m also on Instagram @hollyluluintimates

As well as Tiktok @hollyluluintimates

Where are you based and where do you ship worldwide?

Holly Lulu is based in Melbourne, shipping worldwide. 

Please list up to 5 vendors you love working with.

These are the special vendors I used for my recent wedding:

  • Hailey Paige (Florist)
  • Liana Perillo (Live music, Harp + vocals)
  • Jemma Rose Photography 
  • Victoria Jade (Bridal Make Up)

Got any tips for purchasing bridal lingerie?

When purchasing Bridal lingerie, always purchase something that you are going to be comfortable wearing and something that you will love wearing again in the future - this way you will value and cherish your purchase for many years after your wedding day. 

You may not wear your wedding dress more than once, but you can certainly wear your bridal lingerie again!

I always find it fun to match the colour of stockings and robe to the lingerie set for an extra special total look for your wedding night lingerie. 

Don’t forget bridal lingerie doesn’t have to be white and ivory, if you have colourful personal style, why not wear colourful lingerie on your wedding night?

Tell us a bit about the face behind the brand. What do you get up to on a day off and where would we find you?

On my days off I love trying new cafes in my local area, enjoying Iced Lattes all year round, yes even in winter and visiting my favourite art galleries in Melbourne. I also love visiting op shops and up-cycling clothing and homewares into something new and exciting. 

Where do you find your personal flare and inspiration for the business?

On an aesthetic level; tropical holidays and flattering swimsuit fits have been an on-going design influence for the brand. Nostalgia from relaxing island holidays is a regular inspiration starting point when creating a new collection. 

Finally, Tell us why you’re awesome? What sets your business apart from the rest. 

The Holly Lulu brand is special because it is filling the gap in the market where customers can now match their colourful and unique style with a colour and vibrant Holly Lulu lingerie set. 

Holly Lulu is often described as ‘Fashion’ lingerie, that is, pieces that can be worn as fashion garments, not just as intimate undergarments. Holly Lulu sets could be worn on a wedding night and styled as a full lingerie set, then re-worn as a fashion garment with a well-fitting suit or high-waisted pants for that 90s look.

Quite often Fashion Lingerie doesn’t cater to larger cups sizes, only having a ‘one cup size’ fits all for each design. Holly Lulu is special because for each base size (S, M, L, XL etc) there is a bigger cup size available as well (S+, M+, L+ etc.) meaning that a wider range of bodies and bust sizes can wear Holly Lulu designs.