Photo by  Axel & Maria Weiser  

Why do them and how to nail them!

Why have an engagement photo session in the first place? The truth is, why not? Being engaged is an awesome time in your life. Change is upon you, you've turned things up a notch and you are suddenly making sensible decisions about seating charts and flowers. So why not hire a brilliant photographer to snap up the fun stuff and produce some candid snaps.

It’s also a great opportunity for those couples who feel uncomfortable in front of the camera to get used to being behind the lens. I was only able to shut down my partner’s spectacular skill of receding his chin the entire way into the back of his head after he saw our wedding photos. So, there you go.  

Like it or not, you are expected to be front and centre in your own wedding photos. And since wedding days always fly by, you won’t have a lot of time to suddenly ask for some pointers. An engagement shoot will allow you to get in-the-know now so you can go-with-the-flow later.

If you’re super organised then you should consider using the same photographer for the engagement and wedding shoot. Package it up and see it as a great opportunity to get to know one another a bit better before the big day. You’ll feel  much more comfortable if you know the drill beforehand and, it gives the photographer great insight into your vibe and personality too. As an added bonus, you get to see their creative work ahead of the wedding.

Photo by  Andrii Omelnytskyi

What should we wear?

Well this is an awesome question, frankly it is up to you. We suggest you wear something you are comfortable in. You can go all casual and on the low down in jeans and t-shirts or, for the quirkier types, go bright! Nothing says fun like a loud pair of pants. Whatever you do, just iron your clothes like a proper adult :)

You might want to dress things up and use the opportunity to have a hair and make-up trial at the same time. You can find suppliers on The Best Wedding App, and if you’re happy with them then you can book them for the wedding and know exactly what to expect.

So, unless you’re planning on wearing matching sweaters, there’s no right or wrong answer on what to wear. Then again, Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy really did rock those matching Christmas jumpers. So really, do whatever floats your boat.

Where should we take the photos?

Why not pick a location that has some significance? Somewhere that will mean something to you when you look back and reflect. Do you love the beach, or is there an awesome graffiti wall that you walk past each day on your way home? Or could you go back to your proposal location or the place where you had your first kiss? Do you have favourite café that’s part of your weekend ritual, or would having the photos at home feel like the best fit? Consider your options and let your photographer know. A good photographer is always able to capture meaningful photos in any location.

What time of day should we take the photos?

This all depends on whether the shoot takes place indoors our outdoors. The ideal weather for photographs is when it’s cloudy. The best time for photos is dawn (eek) or dusk. So plan an outdoor shoot around these times. Also, look at the weather forecast one week out and, if it is going to be a blazing hot and sunny day, then you might want to reschedule for a cooler day.

Blue Steel!

If staring into each other’s eyes and pashing in public will send you into fits of nervous laughter, you can always opt for the good old ‘hold hands and walk toward the camera’ pose; Easy, classic and effortless. Seriously, professional photographers will be able to help the non-posy types navigate their way through a shoot so it feels more candid. But if you’re a total poser (loud and proud) then get those lips a poutin’ and that right arm out on a 45°degree angle, resting precariously on your hip because… your moment is here!!

Happy snapping! xxx