Top Tips for Wintery Wedding! Is winter a good time to have a wedding?

The truth is, it is an excellent time to have a wedding.

First of all, if you decide to get married near the snow, you are in for a treat and your photos will be amazing. It is a myth that you need a bright sunny day to get beautiful photos. Beautiful photos happen when you engage a fabulous photographer and, the ideal light for stellar photos is when it’s overcast.

Second of all, winter usually means things are a tad less expensive. You will often get a better deal on your venue in winter. You may even score a deal with your other suppliers as well.

Please make sure your guests are taken care of if your ceremony is outside. No one enjoys being cold and an outdoor wedding means people are generally outside for at least 45 minutes to an hour. You can supply heaters to warm the space, or put blankets on their seats. You can also have cups of hot chocolate given out before the ceremony starts. You want your guests to engage in the story the celebrant is telling and not think about how cold they are.

A top tip for brides, if you feel the cold, get something to accompany your dress that covers your shoulders. Nerves and cold air are not a great mix (you do not want your teeth chattering on your wedding day!) You want to be comfortable, and you will be less nervous if you are not thinking about how cold you are.

If the venue has a fireplace, get onto it and make sure it’s a blazin’. An open fire creates a sense of warmth and good times. People gravitate towards an open fire and it creates a sense of community where people who did not know each other before will all start talking to one another.

Plan the cocktails around the weather. Winter cocktails like mulled wine are a hit.

Lastly, definitely have a ‘plan B’ sheltered option if you are getting married outside… in any season. There is nothing worse than NOT planning for wet weather. If you have a good back-up plan for the worst case scenario then nothing can rain on your parade (pun intended.)

We love a winter wedding. Save money, get cosy and drink mulled wine. I mean, of course!